Upholstery Cleaning

Getting your upholstery cleaned in your home can give it an invigorating makeover. Our operatives provide the utmost level of upholstery cleaning services. You can count not only on your upholstery being clean but it will also look like new.

We will treat your upholstery accordingly and will assess and advise if any stains cannot be removed prior to the cleaning taking place.

Stain guard is also recommended after cleaning as this will prevent your upholstery from staining when any spillage accidentally occurs.


Steam Cleaning Process

  • Pre Inspection: Assess material of upholstery to be cleaned as dry cleaning may be applicable
  • Pre Vacuum : Hoover all upholstery to remove surface dust and dirt, remove cushions to hoover base
  • Pre spot treatment: Apply spot treatment solution to stains prior to cleaning (this assess if material will bleed)
  • Pre Spray: Apply to upholstery first to heavy traffic areas
  • Cleaning : Steam clean upholstery using hot water extraction machine and Prochem products
  • Deodoriser: Apply after upholster cleaning to neutralise odours, leaving it smelling clean and fresh

Foam Cleaning Process

Can be used when material cannot be wet cleaned. This is all done by hand but will leave the same results as wet cleaning.